Cathodic Protection

We are distributors and manufactures for the following major product lines and work closely with our European and Australian associates.

  • Magnesium Anodes, Magnesium Ribbon & Magnesium Rod
  • ​Transformer Rectifier
  • ​Silicon Iron Anodes
  • ​Pipeline Insulators / End Seals
  • ​Thermit Welding
  • ​Rust Arrestor
  • ​Cathodic Protection Cable
  • ​LIDA R Anode Systems
  • ​3M Splice Kits
  • ​Anodeflex
  • ​Epoxy Conductive
  • ​Monolithic Pipeline Isolating Joint

Cathodic Protection Materials, Equipment Manufacturing / Assembly & Supply

PT. SENDANG BERLIAN SEJAHTERA with major manufacturers worldwide such as magnesium anode and other material suppliers.

Our manufacturing and assembly capabilities worldwide include :

  • Blastiomatic (Descaling System)
  • ​Magnesium Anode (Bare and package)
  • ​Silicon Iron Anodes (Solid and Tubular; Cabled and Canistered)
  • ​Graphite Anodes
  • ​Mixed Metal Oxide titanium Anodes
  • ​Platinum Titanium / Nobium Anodes
  • ​Cathodic Protection Cable - XLPE-PVC, EPR/CSP, XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC etc.
  • ​Zinc Earthing Electrodes and Reference Electrode
  • ​Aluminium and Zinc Hull and Tank Anodes
  • ​Copper/Copper Sulphate(Permanent & Portable) and Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrode
  • ​Ship Impressed Current System (ICCp) "HULLMATIC"
  • ​Transformer Rectifier, Junction Boxes and Control Boxes
  • ​Monolithic Isolating Joint, Pipelines, Insulators and End Seals
  • ​Coke and Petroleum Backfills and Eathing Materials
  • ​Anti-Corrosion Tapes, Heat Shrinkage Sleeves / Tubing
  • ​Anti-Fouling System (MGPS) "INTAKEMATIC"
  • ​Magnesium Ribbon Anodes