Impressed Current System


Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) is a type of system usually applied where there are elevated current requirements for protection against corrosion. This is used in cases where the driving voltage is higher than the galvanic system or if there is a need for increased system control.

It offers permanent and automatic protection that aids in preventing galvanic corrosion and electrolysis from attacking the undersides of various mobile or fixed offshore structures as well as sea vessels. It is the top protection system of choice of ship owners since it can efficiently reduce maintenance and fuel cost.


PT. SBS explains Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

Impressed current cathodic protection works by delivering controlled amounts of DC current to the surfaces submerged in water with the aid of ultra-reliable zinc electrodes as well as combined anodes of metal oxide. The electrical current that is continuously regulated and monitored by the ICCP system helps prevent the electrochemical mechanism of galvanic corrosion prior to its attack.

Since the 1990s, different types of sea vessels like LNG carriers, oil tankers, work boats as well as cruise ships have achieved substantial benefits from ICCP’s 24-hour protection from the damaging and costly effects of electrolysis.

The following are some of the advantages of ICCP:

  • Enhanced lifespan of shafts, propellers and rudders as well as other sea vessel parts involved in electrolysis
  • Anodes are sturdy, light and compressed for convenient storage, shipping and setup.
  • Reference cells along with automatic control and anodes help keep proper protection levels for submerged fittings and hulls, which can be more advantageous than zinc anodes that cannot adjust or compensate for extreme loss of paints or salinity changes.
  • Guarantees simple and dependable operation
  • Maximum corrosion protection documentation at the least overall expense
  • Single installation needed for the structure or vessel
  • Enhanced dry rock period
  • Recognized by all societies of classification for all vessel types
  • Designed to deliver more than 20 years of service

With the ICCP system, protection against corrosion is provided for a broad range of metallic materials in different settings such as:

  • Pipelines
  • Boat hulls
  • Storage tanks