Visco Elastic Wrapping

A unique viscous elastic technology!

VISCOTAQ® is a worldwide patented viscous elastic pipeline technology coating that is used for corrosion prevention of pipelines, storage tanks, soil to air transitions, above ground fl anges, pipe crossings and in the ditch applications. VISCOTAQ® also offers a unique waterproofi ng line of products to stop water infi ltration at pipe casings, buildings, vaults, storm drains, sewer lines and more. VISCOTAQ® products have been tested extensively by external laboratories, international oil and gas companies as well as in fi eld trials. The VISCOTAQ® products differentiate from any other product by being a synthetic viscous elastic solid, combining excellent adhesion based upon the Van Der Waals bonding principle, while being a solid with no dripping behavior.

Serving the industry!

VISCOTAQ® is a unique viscous-elastic amorphous a-polar poly-olefi n for the protection against corrosion of underground and above ground substrates in the pipeline industry, petrochemical industry, utility and water industry. VISCOTAQ® has been devel-oped in cooperation with leading companies in the oil and gas industry and polymer engineering companies to meet the demand for new viscous elastic coating products with unique and better properties for the protection of shaped and non shaped substrates. The result is a product that offers the pipeline industry an unrivaled technology when it comes to corrosion prevention.

The philosophy behind VISCOTAQ®

The philosophy behind the development of VISCOTAQ® is that, unlike other coatings, VISCOTAQ® always has a permanent and intimate contact with the surface of the substrate. The viscous mod-ulus and the elasticity modulus of the material are designed in such a way that the viscosity modulus gives permanent wetting charac-teristics, forcing the material to fl ow into the pores and anomalies of the substrates, whereas the elasticity modulus gives the strength and elasticity of a solid. Moreover, VISCOTAQ® eliminates typical problems that occur during pipeline rehabilitation in the fi eld and the problems of different phenomena that occur in practice.

How VISCOTAQ solves typical pipeline corrosion problems

• Elimination of salt and osmosis problems…

Due to the very low permeability of water, its a-polar behavior and extremely good adhesion on a molecular level, VISCOTAQ® inhibits water molecules from traveling to the surface of the substrate. In conjunction with its low viscous characteristics, no pressure can build behind the coating that could cause blisters and de-lamination.

• Elimination of adhesion problems and surface preparation problems…

VISCOTAQ® bonds on the principle of Van Der Waals bonding, creating an intimate contact with the substrate. VISCOTAQ® has a low surface tension and keeps “wetting” the surface. Due to the viscous-elastic state and its formulation, VISCOTAQ® will keep this bond permanently for decades to come. VISCOTAQ® bonds aggressively to almost any surface and is forgiving when it comes to surface preparation. The minimum surface preparation for use is ST-2/SSPC3, although a blasted surface SA2½/SSPC10 is strongly recommended.

• Elimination of problems with aggressive soils, MIC and degradation…

VISCOTAQ® is based upon low molecular weight amorphous a-polar polyolefi ns with no reactive groups, free radicals or solvents. Therefore, the material is 100% inert and stable, safe and non-hazardous. With the elimination of water and no sulfi de or nitrogen available in the polymer chains, all essential and necessary components for MIC are eliminated. Due to its inert characteristics and impermeability for water, VISCOTAQ® exhibits outstanding performance in areas with aggressive soils, high and low pH’s and high sulfur and chloride contents.

• Elimination of shear stress problems, sliding…

To guarantee ultimate corrosion prevention, VISCOTAQ® remains in a pliable state during its lifetime. Therefore VISCOTAQ® has been extensively tested in conjunction with different protective outer layers to simulate shear stress. Unlike other products, VISCOTAQ® has shown excellent resilience against shear stress due to the combination of the appropriate outer layer as well as the viscous-elastic solid state of the material.

• Manufactured under ISO 9001 and stringent quality controls…

VISCOTAQ® is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards from raw materials to end product. During this process, many quality control checks are in place to guarantee the highest quality. In addition to in-house quality control, VISCOTAQ® has been tested thoroughly by independent accredited laboratories.